Mini Vacation Capsule- “Sew What Do I Wear Blog Tour”

I am so excited to be a part of the Made for Mermaid/ Patterns for Pirates “Sew What Do I Wear- Summer Vacation Edition” blog tour this year! Summertime is one of my favorite times of year. From the beautiful sunny days, to the time spent with my kids, even the thought of a possible vacation pops into my head every once in awhile (yeah, kids have kind of slowed that down, but one day!!). Before kids, my husband I loved to travel. We aren’t the most adventurous duo, however getting out to experience and see the world together are some of my favorite memories before kids. Fast-forward a few years later to two kids, jobs, pets, etc. and we’ve traded in Paris, Jamaica, and Hawaii for days spent with family at the lake or camping (and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world!).

However, there is still that rare occasion when we get to sneak away for a weekend and spend some time together. These weekend getaways inevitably lead to me over packing, hearing the grumbling from my husband and then having to haul a stuffed suitcase around! So, my goal for this blog was to figure out a way to condense my “weekend getaway” wardrobe and create a mini-capsule that would work well for both day and night on a quick weekend trip away.

When planning my mini-capsule, I started with a neutral color and chose to use this for two of the bottom pieces and one of the shirts. Black and gray are typically my go to’s, as they’re easy to match other fabrics to, they look classy, and could also be used for when I’m at work! After choosing my neutral color, I then focused on which patterns/ prints would match. Fingers crossed that the weather would be nice when I wear this (I am in the Pacific NW after all!), I knew that I would want fabrics that were bright, comfortable, and easy to layer if needed.

All said and done, my mini capsule contains 3 bottoms and 2 tops. I have paired them together to create 4 different looks, however there are a few other ways to pair them together not shown.

Day 1: Mama Quinn (M4M), SOS Skinny Pants (P4P), and Mama Joy Skirt Hack (M4M)
When we go on weekend trips, we usually have one full day to explore, have a nice dinner, etc. This is also the day that I like to dress up a bit. For my daytime outfit, I paired the Mama Quinn with SOS Skinny Pants. The Mama Quinn is a great option for comfort and style. As a bonus, it is made with woven, so you finally have an excuse to use all of those pretties that have just been sitting on your shelf! This one is made out of a crepe woven that has a great drape to it. For the pants, I made the Skinny version of the SOS Pants, using a black ponte. Basically if your jeans and leggings could have a baby, I’m pretty sure it would look and feel like these!


One of the reasons I love the Mama Quinn is how easy it is to dress up. After a quick change, I paired the same top from earlier with the skirt of the Mama Joy (hack can be found here). By using black ponte again, this skirt becomes very appropriate for a nice evening out (plus getting ready is a breeze since you’re already half way there from your daytime outfit!) as well as doubling as a great work appropriate skirt.


Day 2Favorite Tee (P4P), Pencil Skirt (P4P), SOS Skinny Pants (P4P)
Day 2 is usually a little more casual for me when traveling. It’s usually when we do some last minute exploring in the morning, followed by the trip home. So, this means comfy, yet cute. If it is a warmer day, I typically like to wear a more casual skirt. I started with the Favorite Tee from Patterns for Pirates in a tunic length. The fabric is basically made out of unicorn hairs! It is an incredibly soft modal spandex in a light heathered gray. I paired this casual tee with a Pencil Skirt (bonus- this skirt is a freebie from P4P!) using a fun, floral liverpool fabric.  Depending on your preference, this shirt looks great either tucked into the skirt or can also be knotted for a more trendy look!


Once our quick little getaway comes to an end, I want to be comfy for the ride home. Remember those magic SOS Pants? Well, I’ll change back into those for the drive and look forward to snuggling with my babies once we get home!


There you have it! 2 tops, 3 bottoms and a whole lot of choices…A simple mini-capsule wardrobe for a quick getaway.

Patterns Used:
SOS Pants (Patterns for Pirates)
Mama Joy (Made for Mermaids)
FREE Pencil Skirt (Patterns for Pirates)
Mama Quinn (Made for Mermaids)
Favorite Tee (Patterns for Pirates)

Most fabrics used are from So Sew English Fabrics. Floral Liverpool is from Knitpop.

Make sure to check back with the Made for Mermaids blog to see what the amazing ladies below have to share with you.



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