Linen Loungers-P4P

I didn't realize this until the weather finally started to warm up, but apparently I love wearing the same style of casual shorts. You know- the cute running shorts (but let's be honest, that's not what I use them for!), made out of adorable woven fabrics, cute hemlines, etc. Just walk into any Nike or … Continue reading Linen Loungers-P4P

Lil’ Firecracker

Well, we had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July this year. We were able to spend five amazing days at my in-law's lake cabin filled with all kinds of friends and family. Now, when I say cabin, I actually mean a cabin! It is one of the few originals left on the lake … Continue reading Lil’ Firecracker

Lainey Suit- M4M

Well, it was Addy's turn to get a swim suit! Made for Mermaids is releasing their "Mermaid Shores Swim Collection", which includes so many different suits for both girls and women. We were able to test out the new Lainey Swimsuit, which has so many adorable options. The Lainey Swimsuuit is a two-piece suit with … Continue reading Lainey Suit- M4M

Suit Up!

Swim suit season is officially upon us. I've been busy the last few weeks making suits for almost everyone in the family (once again, hubby is left out!). There are so many fun options that have recently been released for almost everyone in the family. Here are just a few of them, with more to … Continue reading Suit Up!

Matchy- Matchy

I always feel bad that my son doesn't seem to get as many new outfits as my daughter. Let's face it, there are a ton of patterns out there for girls, not so much for boys! However, Made for Mermaids just released an entire family collection of patterns, making sure that even the boys can … Continue reading Matchy- Matchy