Lil’ Firecracker

Well, we had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July this year. We were able to spend five amazing days at my in-law’s lake cabin filled with all kinds of friends and family. Now, when I say cabin, I actually mean a cabin! It is one of the few originals left on the lake from when the property around it was first developed. Keith’s grandparents bought the property when it was first put up for sale and it has remained in the family since then. With only one “real” room plus a bathroom, we’ve gotten creative over the years in how we manage to fit our growing family of siblings, spouses, and cousins in the cabin… but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

IMG_8696Similar to Easter, I’ve started a 4th of July tradition which includes outfits for the kids. For three out of the four kids, I used Made for Mermaids patterns. These included a Brooklyn/Riley mash-up, the Vivienne dress, and the Dylan Tee. However, I was able to also include a new pattern that was released on the 4th of July, The Firecracker from Annelaine Patterns (shown above on my niece).

The Firecracker is such a fun, summertime sew. The front bodice is a single piece of fabric, which can be cut in three lengths- tunic, above the knee, and maxi. The back is the part of the dress that has the “wow” factor! It is an adorable cross-over strap design with a slight peek-a-boo above the skirt. To help create the back, there is a small elastic casing that helps to hold everything together. Jennifer, the designer of Annelaine Patterns, made the construct of this dress very beginner friendly. The bands are all easily labeled, making attachment very simple, yet appears more complicated than it actually is. Below are a few more pictures showing the amazing details of this dress (fabrics from Sew So English).


And as if the dress version wasn’t enough, there is also a romper add-on available. The construction of the romper is very similar to the dress, with the exception of sewing the leg seams. However, the straps and bands are attached exactly the same. For this version, I chose to add a ruffle to the legs for an added pop of color. Addy was absolutely in love with this awesome unicorn panel, on preorder right now from Zenith and Quasar! It was the perfect size of the bodice piece (this was the child size panel).

IMG_8812IMG_8798IMG_8811I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July as well and make sure to check out these amazing patterns if you haven’t already!

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