Wow, I have been so absent this summer with my blogging! We have been so busy during the summer taking lots of quick little trips around the PNW, as well as just enjoying time as a family… However, recent events have made me realize how important it is to value all of that family time you have together. Last weekend, our lives were completely flipped upside down (and not in the Fresh Prince kind of way). My dad is a Harley rider. He always has been, probably always will be. As his daughter, I always feared that something could happen to him while riding. Unfortunately, I received the call I had hoped to never receive.

My dad was returning from a camping trip and was in an accident on his way home. They were camping in the Olympic Peninsula, filled with bears, during bear season. When coming around a corner on his bike, he hit a bear. There were two other riders with him who were injured, one of which is his step-daughter. Joni, his wife, watched it unfold and said that my dad did everything he could to protect her (and I believe every word of it- that’s him!). She and the other man injured have been released, but my dad took the brunt of the accident. 16 broken ribs, a broken hand, and lots of internal damage.

As I am writing this, it’s to the rhythm of his ventilator and me reflecting on just how important family is. His wife has been absolutely amazing through this, never leaving his side (until we finally made her!). He knows we’re here, he gives us facial cues when he wakes up, however nothing can describe the pure joy of when he squeezed my hand. He will get through this- he will! He is one of the strongest men I know and he has so much to fight for.

Now, since this isn’t my typical style of blogging, I did have to share my latest creation. In order to help my dad and Joni out with medical expenses, we are doing a fundraiser of shirts/hoodies. 100% of all profits are going to be donated to him. If you would like to purchase one to help out during this time, you can click on the image:


I would like to thank all of our friends and family during this time for all of the love and support you’ve given to us during this time! He is #bikerstrong

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