Matchy- Matchy

I always feel bad that my son doesn’t seem to get as many new outfits as my daughter. Let’s face it, there are a ton of patterns out there for girls, not so much for boys! However, Made for Mermaids just released an entire family collection of patterns, making sure that even the boys can be included!

The Dylan Tee is absolutely perfect for boys. It is a very quick sew, but has a unique side panel detail. This side panel is perfect to use up those scraps you just couldn’t part with! It has a set-in sleeve and will be a staple in my son’s closet this summer. One of the things I can’t wait to do is raid my husband’s old t-shirts to up cycle them for my son. For this Dylan Tee below, I used some of the new custom fabric from Raspberry Creek. If you’ve never checked them out, I highly recommend it! They have a great selection of custom prints (as well as others) at an awesome price- which can be hard to find with customs.


Since this was a family collection, next up is the Vivienne. This dress is adorable for all of the little girls in your life. It is has a gathered skirt and also the side panel detail to match the Dylan Tee. To finish the look, there are bindings, which give it a very clean look. However, the best part for Addy was the pockets. She is in a pocket phase right now and wants every outfit to have one! These pockets are a perfect size, stretching across the side panel, slightly overlapping the seam on each side. (Fabric for this one is also from Raspberry Creek).


Lastly, we couldn’t forget about the parents! As usual, Keith was left out of this one (oops!), however this is a Men’s Dylan Tee. For the ladies, there is the Mama Vivienne. It has many of the same features as the Vivienne, including a shirt, tunic, and dress length. This version below uses the tunic length in a double-brushed poly fabric from So Sew English. Using this type of fabric created a nice drape and very little bulk at the gathered seam.


Make sure to check out Made for Mermaids to read more about the patterns and you can even grab them while they’re on sale, through Friday, June 2nd (midnight CST). And just for fun- here is one more of our matching outfits, “cheese” smile and all!



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