Happy Easter!

Well, I might be a day late to share, but we had a wonderful Easter. My sister-in-law and her family live about 4.5 hours away and we spent the weekend visiting and playing! The trip down was… well… interesting. It took us about 6 hours, including a dinner stop and a bathroom accident by one of the kiddos (I’ll spare the details- haha!). But once we got there, it was all fun and games for 2 quick days.

This year, I continued the tradition of making Easter outfits for all four of the kids (mine and my two nieces). I started this 3 years ago when my daughter and youngest niece were about 8 months old and have continued to do so each year. It is always a challenge because I want my son to be included, so fabric choice is always my starting point! This year, I chose to go with a gorgeous and ridiculously soft french terry from So Sew English. It has a rich teal background with a green accent, which I knew I could pull from for my son.

Next came the planning! My two nieces have to have skirts- the twirlier the better! My son basically lives in raglans, so that was a no brainer. And my daughter, well she is pretty easy going! For hers, I used the Sugar Pie Tee and Butterfly Cardigan, both from Patterns for Pirates. 


Next, my son got a Jolly Roger Raglan, also from Patterns for Pirates. For his sleeves, I did a faux layered look and also added a kangaroo pocket, both using the stripes that were the bands on my daughter’s cardi. For my oldest niece, I did a Brooklyn/Riley mash-up from Made for Mermaids. I chose this because of the twirl factor! Lastly, my youngest niece got a color blocked Me Hearties from Patterns for Pirates. By color blocking it, I was able to pull in two of the fabric choices to help coordinate with her sisters.


I hope that you had a wonderful Easter filled with lots of love, laughter, and most likely candy! Oh, and by the way, it’s really hard to get four kids to look at a camera at the same time!


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