Cross My Heart Cami


It’s weird what you find out about yourself when making your own clothes and having to know all of your measurements. I knew I was slightly taller than the average person at 5’7″. However, I always found it weird that shirts are always too short, but if I bought my pants in longs, they would be too long! Once  I started sewing for myself, I found out that most of my height comes in my torso, so now I know to add some extra length there. However, I still like to cheat some days and wear a ready made shirt versus something I made, which leaves me with the too short problem. To solve this, I almost always wear a cami under them. Well, Patterns for Pirates has made it even easier for me to do this by creating the Cross My Heart Cami. 


This is the perfect layering piece (or with for this comfy french terry set I paired it with the Palazzo Pants for a perfect lounging outfit). It has a scoop neck in the front and v in the back. However, the way it was drafted allows for you to wear the shirt either way- so you basically get two shirts in one when making it. You can even mix and match pieces, creating scoops or v’s in both the front or back. There are so many options! Check out the Patterns for Pirate blog to see even more hacks that the ladies share.


And if the basic cami isn’t enough, there are also some really fun strap add-ons. One of my favorite is the “x”. These can either be placed in the front of the back. Some of the testers even went crazy and added two of the x’s to create a layered look. There is also an option for a “t”, which looks great peaking out from under items.


Below are just a few that I made during testing- oh, and guess what?! There is also a girls’ version- the Heart Breaker Cami! Little sister had a little too much fun when we took the pictures of her version.


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