Happy Pi Day!


March 14th aka Happy Pi Day! I might not be a math teacher anymore, but my heart will forever be connected to this subject, especially when it involves Pi. In order help celebrate the day, my kids are both sporting some great outfits representing our inner math nerd.

Addy is wearing the Made for Mermaids Brooklyn/Riley mash. I was able to sew up this strike of “Math Chalkboard” print awhile ago from Zenith and Quasar, but had just enough to squeak out the front bodice for her dress. The fabric is so cute and has a variety of mathematical equations and areas of focus- include algebra and geometry.

Mason’s shirt was quick and easy, but he was so excited for it! I used a ready to wear (RTW) blue shirt and applied a heat vinyl transfer to it. This amazing cut file is available from Thread and Grain. Katy, the owner, has so many cute cut files available for you to use and personalize your own items. Don’t have a cutting machine? Don’t worry- she also sells vinyls that are precut and can be applied with an iron, as well as shirts already printed. She will hook you up with whatever you need!

Hopefully you participated and had some fun on Pi Day. If not, it’s not too late to grab that pint of ice cream and have a little (or big) slice of some Pi… Just make sure to calculate the amount of pie left for the next person!


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