PJ’s for the Kids

img_6842Well, both kids seemed to have had a growth spurt at the same time! The positive was that I was able to have some fun by making some new pajamas. I absolutely love making pajamas for several reasons. First, they are about as low risk as you can get when it comes to making clothing. Very few people are going to see them, so if you mess up, it’s not a big deal! Second, the fabric choices. I love to make pjs out of flannel because they are so warm and cozy. Plus, you can score some great deals on flannel if you keep your eyes open (I got each of these for around $2.50 a yard). And can we just talk about the prints for a minute… There are so many cute ones available, especially for the kids! Lastly, they are so quick to make. Just a few seams, some elastic and you’re done. Seriously- If you are looking for a great item to start sewing with, pjs are where it’s at!

It’s taken me awhile to find a pajama pattern that I’ve fallen in love with. My biggest requirement was that I wanted a pattern that did not have side seams. I tried several free ones, bought a few, even tried to draft my own for the kids (which worked, until they grew out of that size!). Finally, I tried out “The Night Before PJ Pants” from Cole’s Corner and Creations and haven’t made anything else since! The sizing on these are spot on for my kids. For my son, it is very easy to mash with the next size up to accommodate for his height, while still fitting in the waist. And my daughter- well she is just happy with anything pink or kitties!

The pattern does have several options available, but I’ve only done the basic hem (again, I’m going for speed here). Some of the other options include a shorts length, ruffled hem, and cuffed hem. One day when I’m not doing an assembly line of pajamas, I’ll try out one of these. But for now, I’m just going to stick with the quick and easy and keep busting out more adorable pjs for the kids.

* Make sure to join Cole’s Corner Facebook group to keep up with her latest patterns, share your creations, or get support on your projects.


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