Latest Fabric Round-Up

I’ve been a little MIA lately (I know, I just started the blog, right?)… But my little guy was pretty sick and we got to have a 6 day stay in the hospital. He is doing great now and I’ve even gotten to do some sewing.


Right before we started our hospital stay, I made this awesome Cocoon Cardi from Patterns for Pirates to test out a new print from Zenith and Quasar. The quality of this fabric is amaz-balls! Z & Q prints a lot of their designs on an athletic brushed poly. It has great stretch to it and the quality is just superb. The colors on the “math chalkboard” print are also very vibrant and have a little bit of all types of math. I paired it with a gray supplex for the bands, also from Zenith and Quasar.


Also from Z & Q was this “Pi” panel. It is also printed on the athletic brushed poly, using a teal color and black for the numbers. It has an insane amount of the digits that make up pi and are arranged in the shape of the symbol.  I paired this child size panel for the front of the Jolly Roger Raglan with a heathered brushed poly- again from Zenith and Quasar.


And finally, I couldn’t forget about the Little Miss! We were both over the moon for this “Cattitude” and “Star” fabric! I am starting to lose count as to how many times she has worn this. The fabric is from True North, a Canadian company- but don’t worry! They ship to the US also. The cotton lycra fabric was perfect for a Brooklyn/Riley mash from Made for Mermaids. This cotton lycra is so unbelievably thick! I am beyond impressed with it. The colors are vibrant and hold up so well in the wash. Unfortunately, pre-order has already closed for this round, but stay tuned- True North has some amazing prints coming up!


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