Behavior Chart


dsc_2311Yep, I just became “that mom” and created a behavior chart for my kids! Everyone always said that having our kids close together will be a good thing- You know, built in friends, playmates, yadda yadda. Well, we are now 4 years into this adventure known as parenting and our 4 year old and 2 year old haven’t quite figured out how to do all of these wonderful things everyone talked about yet! Yes, they have their moments of absolute adorableness where you just sit back and watch how loving and caring they can be to each other. But then there are the moments that will push your limits as a parent. My 4 year old has been starting to push boundaries a lot lately and we decided it was time to be proactive with him. Enter the behavior chart-

Our son has caught on to how it works very quickly (Addy, well, she’s 2 so that should pretty much say it all!). It’s a pretty simple concept. Every day they earn 5 coins each. Do something naughty, a coin is “lost”. Want to earn a prize/reward? Spend your coins! You can even bank them for bigger prizes. There are even ways to earn more coins through the day. We’ve been doing this for a few days now and so far so good. Every day, Mason has had coins left over to “spend” on rewards, such as TV/iPad time, snacks, candy, and other prizes. I went to the Dollar Store and even picked up some “mystery” prizes that he can turn in his coins for- since I didn’t want everything to be about candy! Fingers crossed that this simple chart keeps working and Mommy and Daddy can regain control of this household! Follow along below to see how to create your own behavior chart.


* Metal Board (I used a piece of sheet metal found in the roofing section of a hardware store)
* Pieces of wood (The boards I used came already assembled from Walmart, however you could easy make this as well)
* Washi tape
* Coins
* Round Magnets
* Stickers for labeling (or cut out your own like I did if you have a vinyl cutter)
* Nails
* Ruler

Dividing the Board and Labeling
You will need to divide your board into rectangles first. Mine was fairly easy since the board was 12″ x 12″. Each rectangle is approximately 4″ x  2.4″. Once you determine your sizes, divide it up using your washi tape. I folded the tape around the edges to help keep a clean look since you won’t be seeing it anyways once it’s attached to the board.


Once it’s divided, you will want to label the rectangles. For mine, I placed the words earned, lost, spent, and banked in the first column. Then the top row has my children’s names.

Attaching to Board
I used just regular nails to attach the sheet to the wooden board. They will poke a hole through the metal, it just takes a bit of patience! You could also drill a pilot hole to make the nail go in easier.

Creating Magnets
For the coins, I decided to use nickels. The only reason why is because it happened to cover the magnets that I had! You could easily use any size coin. I purchased round magnets that already had an adhesive side, so all I had to do was peel the cover and attach the coin. img_6700

Creating Reward Chart
Every child has different items that will motivate them! For ours, they both have a sweet tooth! I didn’t want to use only candy as a motivator, so I tried to put a variety of items for rewards, as well as candy. All of the prizes are listed under the smiley face. I also added a column for them to earn more coins. They can have a good day at daycare, pick up their toys, or read a book. Any of these will help them earn more coins. I placed this chart in a picture frame, which is hung by the chart so that we can easily refer to it. (Download this chart here if you’d like to use it!)

That’s it! All you’ll need to do is hang your chart on the wall and start practicing. I really am amazed at how quick Mason has caught on and I’m optimistic that this will start to help with some of the minor issues we’ve been having.


* Note- I did add a stenciled to the top of my board. You can read more about how to do this here.


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